The Super Mario And Sonic X Movie
Directed by Daniel Edwards
Produced by

Rocky Morton, John Lasseter (Executive)

Screenplay by (TBA)
Story by John Lasseter

Daniel Edwards

Starring Bob Hoskins, Roger Smith, John Leguizamo, Kate Higgins, Johnny Depp, James Van Der Beek, Eddie Milk, Wally Williams, Cate Blanchett, John Cena, Megan Fox
Music by Randy Newman
Editing by Daniel Jimenez
Studio (TBA)
Distributed by

Walt Disney Pictures, Toho (Japan)

Release date(s) TBA 2011 (Japan)

TBA 2011 (United States)

Running time 215 minutes
Country United States, Japan
Language English, Japanese
Budget (TBA)
Gross revenue (TBA)
Preceded by Super Mario Bros (film)

The Super Mario And Sonic X Movie is a anime animated film of Super Mario Bros and Sonic X. The Film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Metal Sonic, E-123 Omega, Marine, Mighty, Iblis, Chip, Shade, Babylon Rogues, and Mecha Sonic are not in this film. The Film will show Chapters and it released on Winter 2010. The Film will be released on Summer 2011. Directed by Daniel Edwards and Produced by Rocky Morton and John Lesseter.

Plot[1] EditEdit

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Voice Actors of Characters[2] EditEdit

Chapters[3] EditEdit

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Soundtrack[4] EditEdit

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Trivia[5] EditEdit

  • This film is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Hopper, who died before it was produced.
  • Dexxs is Mario and Luigi's Future Brother and his real name is Louie.
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